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Welcome to the BRIDGE Project

The BRIDGE Project explores the possibility of providing a treatment programme for young people with symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in the general population, who may or may not be accessing any mental health services.  
40 young people (Aged 14-24) from Glasgow, who have agreed to take part in the programme, will be randomly chosen to go into one of two pathways: usual care and BRIDGE intervention (+usual care). The current study (2021-2024), funded by MQ Mental Health, aims to identify young people in the general population with early symptoms of BPD and test the effectiveness of a new treatment for these symptoms – The BRIDGE Intervention. If shown to be effective, this will inform services that seek to support young people with early symptoms of BPD and shape the way in which we treat those symptoms. 
Read more to explore the programme pathways.

About our work

A small pilot study (2016-2018) involving 48 participants was conducted by Dr Gajwani, funded by a NHSGG&C Partnership Award. This pilot work demonstrated that young people with BPD are frequently underdiagnosed, untreated, are not in employment or training and estranged from their families.
Despite their high risk and social and health inequality, young people with BPD symptoms are less likely to be assessed/treated and often fall into the gap between child/adolescent and adult mental health services. A larger study was required to explore opportunities for early identification and intervention for symptoms of BPD in the general population.
Dr Ruchika Gajwani, Chief Investigator at the University of Glasgow, explains our work so far and introduces BRIDGE in this video.

BRIDGE Trial Registration

Thank you for visiting the Bridge Project!
The Recruitment for the Bridge Trial is now finished. 
If you are looking for support, please speak to your GP and you can also check our Resource Kit for sources of support.